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GTW Cabooses 79180



These four steel cabooses were photographed at the C & O Boat Yard in the early 1990s. Caboose #79180 is closest to the camera.









Caboose Layout

Sketch above indicates the relative location of the GTW cabooses in these photos.
Photos and drawing by David Held





End and side view of #79180. St Clair River flows behind the piles of limestone in the background. The Chessie caboose #903061 was used extensively in the Port Huron, St. Clair area.




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GTW Caboose 75004






Caboose #79180, #75006 and #75004 in the left photo, #75004 and #75001 in the right.


















A closer side view of #75004 (left) and end view in the right photo.






















Cupola end view of caboose #75006 (left).

































Side view of #75006 (left), and cupola end view of #75001 (right).















Close up view of underbody detail on caboose #79180.














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