Express Rail Service from Port Huron to Detroit, Bay City & Grindstone City
Bay City & Winona Yard
PH&N, D&M, PM, NYC (MC) & GTW Interchange   





Bay City Depot



1956 Winona Yard


Bay City, Michigan - 1957 population 52,523.  Bay City was served by the New York Central, Pere Marquette, Grand Trunk Western and the Detroit & Mackinaw Railroads.  The Saginaw River separated the city, spanned by a railroad swing bridge and several highway bridges.




This postcard view (right) shows the Union Depot in Downtown Bay City which was originally used by the D & M, NYC and the PM railroads.




















The Winona Yard in Bay City was originally built by the NYC and joined the operations of the Detroit & Mackinaw Railway.  The PH & N RR now shares operation responsibility with the Grand Trunk Western and the Chesapeake & Ohio (Pere Marquette). This 1950 photo shows the MCRR Winona Yard Coal Dock servicing NYC Mikado 2057(H7a). (EL Novak photo Charlie Whipp Collection)





International Brownhoist





International Brownhoist was one of the largest industries in Bay City. They built their first wrecking crane in 1873.  The plant was shut down permanently in 1983.






South Tower



South Tower - Winona Yard Track to the left of the tower is the main line to Detroit. Tracks on the right connect with Saginaw and the PM coaling facilities. Model photos by David Held



The tall structure is the local grain storage facility made from Design Preservation Modules.  Silos are 4 inch diameter PVC pipe mounted on a fiberboard base.












Winona looking south 1











One of Bay City's largest industrial complex's, the Industrial Brownhoist Co. is represented on the far north end of the main yard. A GM Plant and several smaller industries will be added as low relief structures.










Winona looking south 2








(Right) The south end of Winona Yard looking north. Pere Marquette #1225 is passing the South Tower with a fast freight to Detroit.



PH&N offices and engine facilities will be located at the north end of the yard.







Winona looking norht 2
















Ground level view at the tower looking south. South Tower was made by combining 2 Plasticville kits, adding the storage addition, stairway and a new roof.














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