Detroit-Fort St. Union Depot
Express Rail Service from Detroit & Port Huron  





6th St. Tower























Above (click image for larger photo) - Fort Street Union Depot in 1954.  The "Pere Marquette", pulled by C&O E8 #4024 leaves from Detroit, bound for Grand Rapids. Right - 1950 photo of the Sixth Street Tower which controlled all train movements at the F.S.U.D. (Prototype photos C&O Historical Society)




Arial view of F.S.U.D.





    Detroit, Michigan - 1957 Population 1,849,528 - Aerial view of Fort Street Union Depot looking east.  Fort Street is on the far left.  The depot is in the upper left with the passenger sheds below on the left.
    West Jefferson Avenue runs through the middle of the photo and separates Merchandise Row on the left and the Michigan Central Freight Yard on the right.  The Detroit River is on the far right.
     This photo was apparently taken in the early fifties based on the length of the newer train sheds (appear white just below the original sheds). (C & O Historical Society)









Fort Street Union Depot



Wabash E8 #1005

1957 Wabash E8



















Click image for a larger photo.



The photos below offer a closer view of Fort Street Union Depot as modeled on the PH&N RR. In the far distance a commercial backdrop was used after being altered to fit the area and better resemble the Detroit skyline. Also in the far distance is the Penn Hotel and the back of the passenger station, baggage terminal and train sheds. 


Detroit Skyline January 1, 2012








Two views looking northeast from the West Jefferson Viaduct. Sixth Street overpass is in the foreground and the F. S. U. D. Train sheds and Detroit Skyline beyond..  Merchandise Row is to the lower right of the West Jefferson Tower..






FSUD looking East January 1, 2012



























Fort Street Union Depot











View looking southwest from the freight terminal on Merchandise Row. The West Jefferson Viaduct is in the far distance. Train sheds and the Detroit Skyline will be on the right. MC/NYC freight yard on the left.

















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