Express Rail Service from Port Huron to Detroit, Bay City & Grindstone City
Grindstone City
Serving the Michigan Thumb   





Cpt. A. C. Peer Bldg.

Grindstone City General Store



















Above -The Grindstone City General Store in the center of town as it was in 1990. Left - The Capt. AC Peer Building, built in 1884 is a private residence today. Photos by David Held


Grindstone City



Freight Station



    Grindstone City is located at the tip of the Michigan Thumb and is the northern terminal of the PH&N. Most of the grindstone used in this country in the late 1800s through 1932 was produced from the quarries of Grindstone City.  The development of synthetic sharpening materials in the 1930s brought an end to the cities lively hood and today it exists for vacationers and sports fisherman.
    On the PH&N RR the Stone Pit is still active supplying limestone and coarse rock. The hoppers carry full loads south for fill and road repair on a regular schedule. However, remnants of the old grindstone industry still exist on a siding near the stone pit.


(Above photo) The Grindstone City railroad station at the turn of the century. 

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(Above-Right) The station was rebuilt in 1935 and shown here in 1958. Grindstone City was served by the Pere Marquette Railroad through to 30's and today by the PH&N RR.


Train time at Grindstone City station
















Passenger Station








Photo right - taken from Lake Huron - An overview of Grindstone City on the PH&N RR. The Stone Pit is in the background and the town of Kings Mill on the right. Lake Huron and the rocky shoreline are in the foreground. The passenger station and freight house in the background were built from Allegheny Models kits. The coaling station is a Mini-Structures kit about to be rebuilt. The cabooses are American Models cars painted and detailed for GTW prototype. The 0-6-0 is GT #7529 from River Raisin Models.    Model photos by David Held







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