Port Huron - Tappan Junction
Gateway to the Michigan Thumb  




Tappan Tower



Tappan Junction is located about 4 miles west of Port Huron. The interlocking tower at Tappan controlled the crossing of two Grand Trunk Western lines, the Port Huron to Detroit and Port Huron to Chicago. The Junction also interchanged with the Chessie System line (PM) accessing the Michigan Thumb.  The Tower was removed in 1990.

Photo, left, February, 1985, a Detroit & Toledo Shore Line powered freight proceeds eastbound on the GTW Flint Subdivision and crosses the C&O Port Huron subdivision (west of) Tappan interlocking in Port Huron.  Photo looking northwest.

(Charley Whipp photo).










Tappan JunctionTappan Jct.













(Photos above & below) Looking west on the P.H.& N. RR at Tappan Junction. The track on the left runs into the Third Street Yard in Port Huron.  The line straight through runs west and allows a full length train to make use of the wye.


Tappan Jct.












Tappan Jct.
















Tappan Jct.




   The wye at Tappan Junction allows a complete train to reverse direction, from northbound to southbound or visa-versa. The track at the far right is the old Michigan Central Main Line that runs from Detroit to Bay City.
   Trains leaving Milwaukee Junction (on the P. H. & N. RR.) can travel north through Tappan Junction, Port Huron and on to Grindstone City, or northwest to Bay City and Saginaw by way of the Michigan Central trackage.





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