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    The Port Huron & Northern Railroad
is an S Scale model railroad set in the 1957 -
1960 time frame. The layout features
landmarks and stations well known to model
railroaders and rail fans familiar with the Thumb
area of lower Michigan.
    The first PH&N RR was started in 1977 at our
Shelby Township residence and existed well into the
90s. We moved to Imlay City in 1997 and a new layout
was started in 2000. Today, 90% of the trackwork is
complete as is 50% of the scenery (December, 2011).
    Designed as a point-to-point railroad, the PH&N RR
main line runs from Detroit to Grindstone City with a
branch line running to Bay City from Milwaukee Junction.
There is a wye at Tappan Junction (Port Huron) and reverse
loops at Bay City and Grindstone City.
    Power for the layout is supplied by Digital Command Control. Switch machines are either pneumatic or hand operated ground throws. Mainline track is code 100 flex track with hand laid code
83 in Grindstone City and the engine terminal at Port Huron.
   Main line turnouts are from Shinohara and Tomalco. I've also
used many Eshelman kits from the first PH&N and scratch built several turnouts to fit unique track requirements.
     .........Enjoy your train trip on the PH&N RR!

Express Rail Service from Port Huron to Detroit, Bay City & Grindstone City
West Jefferson
Fort Street Union Depot
Tappan Jct.
Tappan Charlie Whip
Bad Axe
Croswell Station
Town of Jeddo
Kings Mill
Grindstone City
Kings Mill Station
Bad Axe Station
PH&N Logo
PH&N Logo
Grindstone City
Winoan Yard
Saginaw Coal




Port Huron &
Northern R. R.

S Scale 3/16”=1'    1:64
Layout Size 57'X 25'

Mainline trackage:
Detroit to Grindstone City - PH&N Main 206' (2.5miles)

Milwaukee Jct. to Bay City - MC Main 134.5' (1.4 miles)

Continuous running loop:

Kings Mill to Jan's Canyon - 76.7' (.93 miles)

Prototype: PM, GTW, NYC,PRR.
Location: Michigan Thumb.
Period: 1957 - 1960
Track Height: 42”to 60”
Construction: "L" Girder, Homasote over plywood base, Homabed & cork roadbed.


Track: Code 100 Tomalco & Shinahara Flex track
Turnouts: Shinahara, Tomalco, Eshelman & scratch built, Pneumatically powered.
Minimum radius: 40”
Train Control: DCC

PH&N Trackplan

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